Here at imagine that!


... we set high standards and are committed to providing our children with an environment where they can

thrive with effective teachers who genuinely care and have an inner passion for the age group in which they teach.

Just Imagine... Our Environment

We believe children have a right to be empowered in an environment that sparks curiosity and wonder. We ensure

this through our open-ended natural resources and loose part play. Resources that are open-ended ignite children’s

natural desires as they are drawn to engage with the resources in a manner most meaningful to them.

Children are empowered through the way they are seen as active participants in many aspects of their days with

us. We pride ourselves in being a child-led environment where learning occurs through play and planning for

children’s learning occurs authentically and in partnership with parents.

Just Imagine... Our Family

Here at Imagine That! We are one whanau. Our three learning environments are closely connected, our family

events and love for communication with parents forms a strong family-feel within our centre. We value diversity

amongst our learners and are motivated to ensure all cultures, all abilities establish a secure sense of belonging

within our holistic learning environments.

Just Imagine... The Love

It is through aroha that relationships are built. We consider respectful, reciprocal relationships must be at the heart of

our interactions with all tamariki. When a child feels connection and belonging they will develop a natural love for

being with others, this love will transcend over time to be a love for learning, a love for being...

Imagine the possibilities!