Primary teacher - consistency of care!

At Imagine that! Preschool we recognise the importance of primary care in the early years. While gaining learning opportunities from the entire teaching staff, primary care ensures one teacher has responsibility for your child’s overall well-being within the group. This key teacher will also be supported by a “buddy teacher” to ensure your child has consistency of care.  

We believe to get quality care your child needs to form a secure attachment with a primary teacher, and think this relationship assists children in settling into their environment which reduces stress for both the child and their parents. 

Seeing this in action is very cool – before long children feel so comfortable within their new environment they are off exploring and gaining many learning opportunities because that important foundation of feeling safe and secure has been met. 

We found from personal experience having the same teacher to speak to at the start of the day that knew our daughter’s habits and routines gave us peace of mind that she was in good care and a priority in the teacher’s mind.

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